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OMG, the music is sooo cutee!!!!

Also, what is the Creative Commons license for this asset pack? I’m working on an open source VN project so it’ll be nice to know the full terms.

Thank you!

License is CC0.

great music pack!!! you did such a great job :) will be using these in the future!


This really helps a lot! I have a question tho: is it acceptable if I name the songs as I please? You don't specify their names so I thought I could just name them myself.


Ternox, I used this music in my project Jack's Halloween. Thank you for your wonderful work!

Your welcome!


Heyy I like the music, sorry I could only give $2 for it, I don't have much in my paypal balance and I don't have a credit card (oof)

It's okay!


Hi! Thanks a lot! I've used some of your tracks for my VN game, Harem Inspection. I credited you on the game description.

Thank you so much! I've been looking for music to use for my VN, and this pack will help a lot. The music is lovely! I'll make sure to link the game here upon it's completion!

Thank you!

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I've used 2 of your tracks in my game. Thanks a lot for these good tracks! in case you want to check.



Hi there! Thank you for this great playlist, it helped me a lot to bring my VN demo to life ^^


Hi dude your music is really great and I loved them so much. They helped me make my second game and I was able to have such lovely music in my game all thanks to you.

I just wanted to thank you for that.

This is my game.

Hi! Glad to hear that!


I used your assets in my game

Thank you


hi , i use some of your assest to make simple game

i also credit you in game

thank you

feel free to check it out.

Hi! Thanks! But page is no exist

ooo right...sorry...first time use

i just set it public now


Hello I really enjoy your music is there a way you can put the files all in a zip folder?

Hi! It's done

Awesome thank you! Very relaxing music :D

Sent you money donation.